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My name is Chantelle Awere but I am formerly known as artist “Eternalbeliever/Eternalbeliever12”.
I spent most of my childhood watching cartoons, Japanese animations and reading fictional books. This inspired me to create a series of stories about young children saving the world and friendship. I frequently showed these stories to my English teachers and they encouraged me to keep writing.

During my eighth year at Secondary school I brought my first how to draw manga book. Bearing in mind that I did not know that the Japanese animations I watched as a child were actually created in Japan as well as manga. I loved the idea of turning the stories I created into illustrations rather than writing them out and worked at learning the basics of anatomy and manga. My passion for manga also made me open to other illustrations and art-works from all over the world. It made me appreciate art and I learnt how powerful imagery can be when used with a good story. By the time I left secondary school I had already decided to become a comic artist. This way I could write and illustrate stories at the same time.

In year 2012 July, I started my first self published comic called, “Stampede: Jessica’s story.” It is a story about youth violence, inequality and teenage gang crime, specifically in South London where I grew up.
I use pencil, ink and Photoshop to complete my illustrations and comics. In the future, I want to create work that people can relate to. Social issues such as suicide, mental health, bullying, social inequality, sexuality and race are things I’m deeply interested in and hope to incorporate in future comics. I hope to one day be able to print a wide range of comics for people to enjoy.

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